The Legendary Hustle Pack


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The Legendary Hustle Pack

SMELLING GREAT AT ITS FINEST! The Legendary Hustle Pack is a combination of a 1oz Fragrance Oil, 2oz Luxury Body Lotion, and a Paisley Designed Soap (6 uncut soap bars come together to make this design) which is truly like piece of art and weighs in at just under 30oz.

This is a unique pack that definitely lives up to its name. 

The LEGENDARY HUSTLE Fragrance oil is a mix of bergamot, ginger, sage, juniper, cedar, tonka bean, and lavender which all comes through and provides a smooth elegance with a long lasting scent! 

The LEGENDARY HUSTLE Luxury Body Lotion is a great compliment to other products in this set because it adds an extra layer of smelling great and moisturizing at the same time. 

The LEGENDARY HUSTLE Paisley Designed Soap has a Castile and Shea Butter base and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day! This soap bar is just under 30oz and when cut into 6 soap bars each weighs 4.5oz. These bars are versatile and can be used as a beard & body soap bar.